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I saw The Covenant this weekend, and I can happily advise everyone to watch The Lost Boys (UK link US link), The Craft (UK link US link), or the superb Near Dark (UK link US link) instead. If you want supernatural teen fun, then those films are vastly superior. The Covenant does quite well for the first hour, then gradually falls apart. It’s like there’s half an hour of plot on the cutting room floor which contains all the footage that makes you give a damn whether any of the buff, rich, educated pretty boys live or die, but it was all removed to make things move faster – leaving a film in which it’s hard to care about any of the protagonists. Usually I’d say it’s a rental movie, but this was really just a waste of a good ninety minutes. Avoid!

Everyone ready for Christmas? I think I finally am! Woo hoo! And as a bit of prior notice, there will be a strip online on Christmas day, so sneak out of your family things and pop online!
‘Hope you enjoyed the strip, see you on Friday!