Another late post. I blame Jade Empire (UK link US link). I was playing it until 3:30am this morning. It definitely has the feel of ‘I’ll just have a look around the next corner, then I’ll switch it off’ about it.

I had a great Saturday playing ‘Croydopoly’. It’s a pub crawl designed around a Monopoly board where all the places have been swapped for pub names. One drink in a pub, a roll of the die and you head off to the next one. Amazingly, we actually managed to keep quite a large group of people together for the six-or-so pubs that I was there for.

The journey home, taking many hours, had an alliterative highlight: bloke barfing in his beanie hat by Basingstoke. There was work on the lines and I suspect the replacement buses didn’t do his stomach a lot of good. Still, he definitely won prizes for style and discretion.

Anyway, I had lots of fun, and drew this strip while feeling very hungover on Sunday. ‘Hope you like it, see you Friday!