A short supernatural horror story. Dunstan, a city banker, feels he rules the lives of those around him, but his sense of privilege has gone too far and there will be consequences for his actions.

‘Dead Lily’ is a short film made in three countries and across two continents. For ten years, Dr. Mata Haggis has been releasing animated horror stories at Halloween on his website ‘Matazone’. Professionally he is a games designer, as well as producing animations and scripts that have been broadcast in over twenty countries and in used in multi-million selling console games. Previous Matazone Halloween stories have been made using Flash or released as downloadable audio short stories. For the ten year anniversary of his site, he brought together a professional voice artist/actor, performers, a professional photographer, and an electronica musician to bring the story to vivid life, while maintaining the classic delivery style of a spoken ghost story.

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Dr. Mata Haggis is available for writing, narrative design, and games design consultancy to the broadcast, advertising, and games industries. He currently teaches games design at the highest-rated games academy in the Netherlands.
– October 2012


Read by Jeff Mash

Photography by Jo Burridge

Music and foley by |’bleiki|

Dunstan played by Rob Talbot

Lily played by Naomi Anna Lillian Webb

Written, animated, and produced by Mata Haggis
© Matazone 2012