Well, I was twisting the truth a bit about Monday’s episode being the last Star Trek pun.

Every week I post about what I’ve been up to, how about some of you add the fun thing/s from your week in the comments below? Life’s too short to waste. Make sure you do something fun at least once a week.

This week, on August 28th 2007, I finally met William Gibson. For those who need a bit of back-story, I spent around seven years writing a PhD thesis about Gibson’s novels, and I finished it at the start of this year. Was I excited? Damn straight. Was he a very nice chap? Yes, he really was. Did he sign my PhD thesis? Why yes; yes he did. His response to that was ‘I don’t have any words,’ which is ironic considering he’s one of the most important authors of the last fifty years. You’d think he’d have the words for many things. It’s something to remember: I shook the hand that first typed the word ‘cyberspace’. That’s special to me. I graduate in just under two months, and meeting Gibson was a great way to wrap up that part of my life. Magic.

On a more debauched note, I’m off to a stag night this weekend. ‘Hope you’re going to have some fun too! I look forward to hearing about it on Monday!