For those of you outside of the UK, we have three political parties here: Labour (who have been in power the last 13 years), the Conservative party (also known as the Tory party), and the Liberal Democrats (the Lib Dems). The Lib Dems haven’t been in power for 90 years, and until a few weeks ago that didn’t look like changing. About a month ago I had a piece of mail from Labour or the Tories which had big lettering pointing to a Lib Dem symbol saying ‘THEY CANNOT WIN!’.

Then we had TV debates between the leaders.

This is the first time this has been done in the UK. Suddenly all three parties have a very nearly equal share of the votes in polls. That could mean that the Lib Dems are a lot better than everyone thought, although it probably means that all the leaders are as bad as each other.

I know who I would favour in the election, but whoever you want to win, make sure you vote – it’s going to be a close one! My bet is that they’ll all come out about the same and nothing will be done for the next four years. I guess we’ll find out on Friday!

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See you Friday!