Had you ever noticed how they named that TV series twice, Stargate SG:1? The ‘SG’ stands for ‘Stargate’, so it’s a bit of a silly title.

Speaking of silly, I’ve spent the weekend watching a vampire drama series from the US called Moonlight. It’s great! It’s a bit like Angel (The Buffy spin-off) but less tongue-in-cheek. It’s just started in the UK, but I’ve sneaked ahead and watched the American episodes. It’s a really enjoyable series and I sincerely hope it gets picked up for a second season, if it doesn’t I could easily see a Firefly style outcry. I seem to be a jinx for TV series’, so I hope that my enjoyment of the program hasn’t doomed it for cancellation! (John Doe starring Dominic Purcell, I’m looking at you in particular.)

CBS are allegedly thinking about it, depending on viewing figures for the next few episodes, which could either mean that they really are deciding whether to bin it or give it a second season, or that they just want to drum up more interest. It would be a shame if this one sank into the mire of police procedural dramas and ‘reality’ TV that seems to fill the schedules the rest of the time.

Have a great week, and don’t forget to vote please!