Does this count as an obscure film joke? I’m really not certain… We’re getting to the real turning point of the play this week, so make sure you come back on Friday for the next episode!

This is one of those times where the comic has written itself – I started with one idea and then went onto something completely different by the end of it. Whenever that happens I always seem to end up having to draw a new big thing. I was very seriously considering using the Stargate method of budget-saving, i.e. getting all the characters to describe what’s off-screen so no-one actually has to spend the time/money creating it. I partially did that, but I didn’t cheap out too much!

It’s been a nice relaxing weekend, but there’s a busy week ahead. Highlight of the weekend was having roast chicken. Yum! Also, I was pleased to find that I could get chickens from farms that were approved by the RSPCA. I love being omnivorous but it does concern my conscience, so having an animal welfare charity approve the conditions was great – good food and a lack of guilt equals a win in my book! I know it’s silly for a meal to be a highlight, but it was overall nice, and it’s worth appreciating the difference that those small things make sometimes.

Did you do anything nice?

See you Friday, and don’t forget to vote please!