Yea, and verily too! Prithee y’faith!

Everyone should buy this book: UK link US link. It’s by Larry Gonick, but I’m not telling you what it is so you have to go look for yourself! I’ve been reading his books for the last fifteen years. My education is greatly lacking in the field he covers, but this book, and the Universe trilogy before them, has taught me everything I know about the topic. I used to say that every child should be forced to read them (not that they would need to be forced because the books are frequently very funny) but now I am of the belief that simply every person needs to read them, preferably immediately.

Seriously, go and buy it now. Then buy the Universe trilogy too. Go on, go!

I’m having a family PhD-celebration dinner tonight, seeing a friend in Croydon tomorrow, playing games with my parents tomorrow evening, then travelling back on Sunday. I’ve got a busy weekend ahead… I hope you’re having fun too. See you Monday!

Now is the time to go and buy that book. You won’t regret it. Trust me. Here are the links again: UK linkUS link. Go on then!

P.S. How’s this for publishing early?