I’ve got a favour to ask, but first a bit of background: I’ve been looking lately for good diagrams to tell people how to lace a corset properly. I spent quite a while looking through various websites and the information was pretty ropey.

In lieu of any decent information out there, I spent many hours this weekend drawing a clear and simple diagram that contains pretty much all the information you need to lace a corset correctly. It took quite a long time, and I guess that’s part of the reason that no-one’s bothered doing a good job of it before (although there is probably a fairly small amount of people who can both draw and who run corset shops online!). The trouble is, my hard work isn’t going to get good search rankings for a while unless lots of people link to it.

So here’s the favour: if you’ve got a blog, a Facebook account, or somewhere similar that you can publish links online, could you please link to http://corsets.matazone.co.uk/information.php?info_id=14 with words similar to ‘how to lace a corset’? I really do think it’s a useful diagram and it would be great to get the information out there. Thanks for your help in advance, and I’ll see you for more cute fun on Friday!